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Floors are subjected to foot traffic, spills, moisture, humidity, splashes and more on a regular basis. Even high quality, sealed and beautifully laid surfaces can lose their freshness and sheen over time. Although quick reactions to spills and regular scrubbing can help minimise mould, grime or build-up; sometimes elbow grease and household chemicals alone aren’t enough. That’s when you need professional Tile and grout cleaning Sydney for your home or office.

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning

Scrubbing on your own time and equipment can be a tiresome challenge to tackle, and difficult to keep clean from every mark. We use methods that revive and preserve all surfaces, prevent mildew and leaks from damaging your tiles and guard against staining and scratching.

We are the tile and grout cleaning specialists

At Adam’s Steam Cleaning, our service provides the ultimate in tile and grout cleaning to leave all your floors and walls looking pristine. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or any part of the house or business, we ensure our staff will have it looking sparkling once again. For those tough stains, marks and mineral deposits marring surfaces and even carpets, bring us in to take care of them for good!

Our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system will safely remove built up dirt, grime and other gritty muck to get your surface looking like new – even thick carpets. This process saves you valuable time and money, and means everything stays cleaner for longer. We can also use special techniques to take care of issues with the substrate and antique tiles, to be certain that we get you an immaculate finish without any damage whatsoever.

Leading you and your business to freshness

All our tile and grout cleaning sydney specialists are trained to the highest professional standards and are IRCC certified. We emphasise on customer service and are always happy to chat about any existing services or booking a new one.

Any of your questions you have about our techniques will be happily answered at any time by giving us a call on 0422 032 155.

“Leading you and your business to freshness”